Paul George Trade Rumors: Indiana Pacers to rebuild, trade franchise player to Boston Celtics

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Latest Paul George trade rumors have the Indiana Pacers franchise player moving to a team that has a chance to contend for a title this season. Recent comments by NBA analyst Marc Stein has the rumor mill going crazy with George possibly on his way out of Indiana.

Stein claims that Larry Bird, the team’s president could listen to other teams’ offers for their superstar, who is signed until the 2018-2019 season.

“I can’t say that I’ve heard that the Pacers would entertain anything, but if other teams are asking the question I think you can safely assume they are calling the Pacers,” Stein said during a recent Zach Lowe podcast.

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“Larry Bird has been very open about “We’d like to sign Paul George to an extension” and without outright saying it there is nothing going on there. Paul George has kind of made it clear that he’s really not interested in an extension.”

Frustration mounting for Paul George, Pacers?

Recently, George rounded out his teammates in a “players only” meeting. This was to address the team’s early season struggles and lapses on defense.

Before the start of the NBA season, the Pacers were seen as a team that would be one of the improved teams in the East. They were active last summer getting veterans Jeff Teague and Thaddeus Young. So far, the Pacers can only show a 9-9 win-loss record.

Blockbuster Pacers-Celtics trade?

One team that could be interested in Paul George are the Boston Celtics. They have the young guys to offer to Indiana plus high first round picks in the next rookie draft.

The Celtics are also underperforming to start this 2016-2017 NBA season. Boston can offer two of their young prospects like Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart plus the lottery pick from the Brooklyn Nets.

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Celtics general manager Danny Ainge reportedly claimed recently that they are still aggressively looking at a “major” deal.

Getting a superstar like George would be a “major” one and will make Boston the top team to be a serious challenger to the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers.

Photo Courtesy: Linux19/Flickr

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