Buffalo Bills LeSean McCoy accuses Lakers guard Lou Williams of hitting women

Los Angeles Lakers guard Lou Williams exchanged words with LeSean McCoy on Twitter after Kobe Bryant’s final game on Wednesday.

On Bryant’s final game, millions of fans around the world showed their respect and paid tributes to the Lakers legend including the Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy.

However, when the Lakers game against Utah Jazz ended and Kobe Bryant, together with his teammates, regrouped and hugged each other, McCoy called all of them ‘clowns’.

Being not contented with the insults, he specifically pointed out D’Angelo Russell calling him ‘Da Snitch Russell’ and Lou William as ‘soft ass Lou’.

Lakers’ guard Lou Williams did take that insult seriously, losing his cool, he answered McCoy’s Twitter post.

The dispute continued until McCoy accused Williams of hitting women. Lou Williams responded with a simple tweet knowing that the argument would be going personal.

According to a report in Fox Sports, there’s no known cause between the dispute of LeSean McCOy and Lou Williams, but they managed to play in the same place when McCoy played at Philadelphia, Lou Williams played for the 76ers in previous seasons.

However, with the accusations thrown out by McCoy to the Lakers guard, Lou Williams had never been charged or accused of domestic violence.

On a report at CBS Sports, the Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy was under investigation after involving in a nightclub incident in Philadelphia where an altercation happened between off-duty police and McCoy’s group. In the said incident, the officers were hospitalized but no charges were filed against McCoy’s group.

However, there remains a possibility that the NFL will be punishing him for a potential violation of the personal conduct policy.

With McCoy’s dispute against Williams, there was no direct connection between the two athletes and no proof on the accusations thrown by McCoy against the Lakers guard.

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