Phil Jackson to hold Knicks player meeting, Kurt Rambis likely to attend

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New York Knicks president Phil Jackson will have a players’ meeting this week to review the club’s triangle offense. According to a report published by ESPN, interim head coach Kurt Rambis will also join the meeting.

The planned players meeting will be the major focus regarding Phil Jackson’s commitment to the club. Phil Jackson has been at a center of controversy since his conversation with Golden State Warriors assistant coach Luke Walton.

Last Thursday, Jackson confirmed that Kurt Rambis would be considered for Knicks’ head-coaching vacancy.

However this Monday, Luke Walton confirmed that he spoke to Jackson on Saturday. Walton said that their conversation was not related to any job offer. Warriors head coach Steve Kerr too believes that it was not a job interview.

“Luke and Phil have had contact, just like Phil and I have had contact, but not anything to do with the job,” Kerr said. “That would be tampering. If somebody wants to speak with Luke, they know the protocol. They would call [general manager] Bob [Myers] and we will handle it.”

“We’ll give Luke permission, but it would be after a series ended and we have a little spare time. But it’s important to note that Phil has not reached out to Luke about the job. Friendships sometimes dictate conversation, and there was some of that,” Kerr added.

It does seem odd though that two days after confirming Rambis’ new role in the team, Jackson would have a word with Walton.

As ESPN reports, “hiring a coach is the first step in a pivotal offseason for Jackson.” And if Rambis does officially get the job then it will be an asset for Jackson.

Jackson plans to continue running the triangle offense in the team. And Rambis has great knowledge about the offense. He also praised Rambis for it when the team executed the offense.

“They had an immersion in the triangle,” Jackson said last week. “When Kurt started coaching the team, they started executing it with more structure. We saw some progress, but we have to make the next step.”

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