Phoenix Suns News: Devin Booker breakout, future of Suns; no time for personal feats, only winning

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Phoenix Suns News, Devin Booker breakout
Phoenix Suns News, Devin Booker breakout, the future of the Suns

The mere mention of the name Devin Booker reminds you of wisdom. The silver lining to last season’s terrible record for the Suns, and the injury of Eric Bledsoe is the Devin Booker breakout, and now nobody’s complaining.

In fact, the future looks bright for the team’s added depth without having to spend a dollar more for a new trade for a new leader. Devin Booker is young, in only his second year in the NBA, and is a concrete evidence that teams don’t need to tank, so they could get rich in the lottery.

That Devin Booker breakout is not a flack, and it’s extended from last season to the current.

He set a career high for the second straight game with 39 pts. after scoring 38 pts. against the Pelicans, making him the youngest player in the NBA to score 38 or more in consecutive games, according to a report by

For that, he did better than LeBron James or Kobe Bryant. LeBron James accomplished this when he was 20 years old and 348 days, while Kobe did it when he was 22. Devin Booker edges both at 20 years and 7 days. This Devin Booker breakout seems the real deal.

Phoenix Suns news aren’t too positive with the team’s weak defense, but it’s clear that Booker is the key to their future. This showed as they battled the Lakers on Sunday, although LA was able to hold on to their diminishing lead. The Suns are now 2-5 in the regular season.

“Doesn’t matter,” Devin Booker said in Phoenix Suns news.

“It’s about wins and losses Maybe later in my career, I can look back on things like that, but now I’m in the mindset where I am ready to get wins. Everybody looks good when you win and that’s what we are trying to do. Scoring as many points as you want and not making the playoffs is not a good look so my ultimate goal is to make the playoffs.”

This sounds unusual for a young talent that’s normally expected to be focused on individual performance and flashy highlights. Devin Booker is a complete mix of talent and leadership, or wisdom typical of veterans.

Looking back, on how he’s become a starter that’s keen on winning while breaking records along the way, Phoenix’s assistant GM said according to BleacherReport:

“Every time he went out there, he wasn’t a wide-eyed kid overwhelmed. He looked like he could handle any situation thrown at him, which isn’t normal because most 19-year-olds or 18-year-old kids—18 in his case—are allowed moments where they kind of get overwhelmed.”

“I always knew I was capable of this,” Devin Booker said in Phoenix Suns news.

“I didn’t know I’d get this opportunity this early, but I knew I’d have my opportunity. And when it came, I wasn’t looking back.”

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