Phoenix Suns won’t go for Brandon Knight trade; vying for Sixth Man Award, Devin Booker changes

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Brandon Knight trade
Brandon Knight trade, Devin Booker Earl Watson Eric Bledsoe Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns struggled much of last season that they ended up with the fourth worst record in the NBA at 23-59. They’ve been marred with injuries, fired Jeff Hornacek, and one of the players affected by the team’s changes is Brandon Knight.

Brandon Knight may be a very talented player, yet he still hasn’t made a big impression since joining in from the Bucks.

The silver lining of the Suns’ struggle last season due to the injuries of their starters is that they’ve realized the superstar potential of Devin Booker off the bench.

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Devin Booker has done so well last season that he’s now assigned to start, which places Brandon Knight as the Sixth Man.

How did Brandon Knight take it?

According to a report by CBS Sports Knight said, “I mean, we’ll see, I can’t predict the future, I don’t how it will be. “Like I said, I’ll do my best to stay warm, figure it out. You have to be professional about it and remain positive.”

On coach Earl Watson’s decision to move him to the bench, Brandon Knight had all praises for him. “I respect Earl. Earl did an excellent job of letting me know ahead of time.”

“He’s (a) straightforward, honest guy and I love him for that. That’s the reason I want to play for Earl, ’cause a lot of coaches wouldn’t handle it that way. I appreciate the way Earl handled it and I respect him a lot for that.”

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A Brandon Knight trade started to surface following the change in the line up. Teams like the Pistons and the Kings are in need of a veritable point guard, and a Brandon Knight trade might be a solution to that void.

However, it doesn’t seem like the Suns are willing to let go of him or Eric Bledsoe. Knight, for one, looks into buying the Sixth Man Award mix, and despite losing his starting position nothing much will change in terms of putting in numbers and playing minutes.

“Earl Watson has made clear he plans on playing two of Knight, Devin Booker and Eric Bledsoe as much as possible” as reported by Arizona Sports.

Earl Watson ‘s goal seems to be clear for him, and that diffuses those Brandon Knight trade theories. With the way Knight is taking it by being a complete professional, it looks like he may even have a better season ahead of him.

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