Pistons Rumors: Brandon Jennings trade to Nets debunked?

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Pistons head coach, Stan Van Gundy expressed his disgust over the rumors that are spreading on a trade that concerns point guard Brandon Jennings and the Nets’ Thaddeus Young.

“I got my email today from (general manager) Jeff (Bower) with all the discussions that have gone on, and there was no mention of Brooklyn and no mention of Brandon in any of it,” Van Gundy said.

Van Gundy widely blamed media for entertaining the thoughts but the Pistons’ organization just decided to laugh about it.

“But hey, with the way you guys make (expletive) up this time of the year, it’s always interesting to me to find out stuff that you guys know we’re talking about that we don’t know we’re talking about. I find it interesting and amusing.”

“I read it. I thought it was funny,” Van Gundy said. “I read some stuff. I don’t read everything. I don’t really read much of what you write about us, but I read all the rumor stuff nationally. Not everyday – I don’t have time – but I’ll go on and I’ll look. It’s always funny.

With all the news of trades and rumors coming out, Van Gundy told that mostly or all of them never happens.

“And you guys know it too — 99.9 percent of the stuff that’s out there will never happen. Mostly because 98 percent of it’s just made up. It’s just made up.”

Van Gundy also expressed that it is possible to trade someone from the Pistons roster but he heavily has to review it and look at the financial aspect of the organization first before making a move.

“There are a lot of things that would fit financially,” he said. “I could just go through the salary book and find a lot of things that just fits. Of course, we would have to be looking to trade Brandon and second, we’d have to have discussions with another team, I would think.

“But that’s OK – it’s fun this time of the year. We’ve got a couple more weeks of that, and I’m sure somebody in this group will make up something tonight that will be fun to read.

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