Raptors Rumors: Vince Carter could play his last season in Toronto

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Remember the half-man, half-amazing Vince Carter? Yes, he is still playing in the NBA and as interviewed by – He still plan to play two more seasons in the NBA.

“Did I say I was retiring? I’m very thankful for (the recognition on the road). Don’t get me wrong. But I plan on coming back. I just go year to year at this point. I don’t put a timetable on it. I don’t want to say two years and then everybody says ‘Well this is it, right?’ But 20 years would be cool,” said Carter.

Raptors fans are already speculating on the best ways for their former All-star to return to Toronto and with the team’s performance in the past few years, it is quite good to see the best Toronto Raptor in history to inspire and pump up the team to probably a title contention.

But can he last for two more seasons? I mean, 20 seasons for a guard-forward is seldom you see in the NBA.

Grizzlies Head Coach, Dave Joerger believes that he will and there are no signs that he is slowing down.

“He’s been blessed with an amazing body and he loves the game,” Joerger said.

“He loves everything that comes with it. He loves working out with younger guys and working out with older teammates. He can talk the game all day long.”

Talking about Vince Carter’s contract, still has this year and the next one to fulfill with the Grizzlies. Which means he will play his 18th and 19th season.

So where will he play his 20th season? That is when you now wonder and ask yourself – where could Vince Carter possibly end his career like a fairy tale? The answer that most NBA fans would say is Toronto Raptors of course.

Besides, if you read between the lines… there is that possibility and on how the prodigal son came back in Toronto a few years back is something that you can say that ‘Carter is home’.

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