Ray Allen free-agency update: Cavs, Spurs could rival Heat for SG

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Despite receiving a standing offer from Miami Heat, Ray Allen has kept his silence on his future plans. But if Allen ever decides to resume his NBA career, the Heat won’t be the only team waiting for him, with the Cleveland Cavaliers and the San Antonio Spurs expected to make a run for the legendary shooter as well.

Ethan Skolnick of the Miami Herald reported last week about the Heat’s standing offer for the 40-year old Allen, who last saw action 19 months ago in Game 5 of the final series between the Heat and the Spurs.

According to Skolnick, although the Heat’s offer has remained on the table, some of his former teammates and people close to him aren’t much optimistic on a possible NBA comeback for Allen.

Skolnick believes the great deal of frustrations Allen experienced in his final season with the Heat has kept him from resuming his NBA career. He added that he won’t be surprised if one day Allen announces his official retirement.

“This shouldn’t be all that surprising, if you were aware of his frustration during his final season in Miami, the one that ended with a five-game Finals loss to the Spurs; he made that frustration, about everything from scheduling to rotations, well enough known to Heat teammates, coaches and officials, that it has been frequently relayed to reporters (like this one) since,” Skolnick explained Allen’s situation in his blog entry.

On the other hand, the door remains open for Allen to stage a comeback at age 40. Even Skolnick agreed that Allen is still very capable of playing at high level largely because of his great conditioning regimen.

“All of that aside, if anyone could return at age 40 after a 19-month absence, and still perform at a high level, it would be Allen, one of the best-conditioned athletes the sport has ever seen. And he appears to still be in excellent shape, judging by all the running he’s doing on South Florida’s roadways, as displayed on his Instagram account,” Skolnick stressed.

There’s a reason why Allen hasn’t made his retirement official. And like any other competitive athletes, Allen might be still feeling the itch to prove himself by winning another NBA championship.

While Miami is leading suitor for Allen, the Cavaliers and the Spurs should be monitored closely as well, as these teams give Allen the best position to contend for a title.

No doubt the Heat has the materials to come out of the Eastern Conference in June. However, there’s also a reason why the Cavaliers are the favorites to lord over the East for the second consecutive year. The Cavs, currently the no.1 team in the Eastern Conference, have the best player in the world and Allen’s close friend, LeBron James as its biggest asset to woe the 10-time All-Star.

On the other hand, the Spurs are in the hunt for their sixth NBA championship, having found new success with youngster Kawhi Leonard and off-season acquisition LaMarcus Aldridge leading the way. Like the Cavs, the Spurs would be happy to sign Allen, who can provide them additional firepower off the bench and a player capable of hitting big shots in pressure-packed situations.

The Heat, Cavaliers and Spurs are three of eight teams that made their pitch for Allen in the 2014 offseason. The Cavaliers waited until the final day of training camp, but eventually decided to fill their last roster spot.

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