Richard Jefferson explains why NBA Finals pressure all on Warriors and not on Cavs

PHOTOGRAPH: Keith Allison/Flickr | Richard Jefferson of the Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers finally grabbed their first win in the NBA Finals 2017 after beating the Golden State Warriors, 137-116, in Game 4 on Friday night at the Quicken Loans Arena. The Cavaliers are facing the same situation like last year when they were down with a 3-1 deficit.

All eyes are now on the defending champions whether they can pull another miracle or not. However, for Cavs forward Richard Jefferson, the pressure isn’t on them but on the Golden State Warriors.

“You’re damn right it is,” Jefferson said of the pressure resting squarely on Golden State in his estimation. “It’s not on us. Where’s the pressure on us? They had a 73-win team and they added a former MVP [Kevin Durant]. We added Kyle Korver and Deron Williams. They added an MVP to a 73-win team after being up 3-1 and then KD was up 3-1 (with Oklahoma City and lost to Golden State in the Western Conference finals).”

Richard Jefferson: NBA Finals pressure all on the Golden State Warriors

After blowing a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals 2016, the Warriors upgraded their roster with the acquisition of former MVP, Kevin Durant. With two MVPs and several All-Stars on their roster, the Warriors became the top favorite to win the NBA championship title.

The Warriors will surely not let the Cavaliers embarrass them for the second straight year. Last year, they were on the verge of becoming the best NBA team in the league history after establishing a 73-9 regular season record. They beat the record of ’95-96 Chicago Bulls of 72 wins.

However, after failing to capture the Larry O’Brien Trophy, their title as the best NBA team was put into question. Losing the NBA Finals 2017 is undeniably a bigger embarrassment for the Warriors since they just acquired the star player of their West rivals, the Oklahoma City Thunder. This is the reason why Richard Jefferson said that the pressure is all on the Warriors and not on the Cavaliers.

“The pressure is all on them,” Jefferson said. “We’re the defending champs. We believe that we have enough here to win a championship. We haven’t played great thus far, but there’s no pressure on us. There never has. There’s never been that. It’s been about them proving that last year was a fluke, KD validating the move here, which it’s been validated, but, no. We feel very comfortable.”

Warriors vs Cavs Game 5

As of now, the Warriors are only one win away from becoming the 2017 NBA champions. Meanwhile, the Cavaliers need to win three straight games to complete another huge comeback and defend their throne. Game 5 of the NBA Finals 2017 between the Warriors and the Cavaliers will be on Monday night at the Oracle Arena.

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