Rockets fans don’t believe team has a shot against the Warriors

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James Harden of the Houston Rockets. (Photo Courtesy: SBNation/Twitter)

The Houston Rockets are set to face the Golden State Warriors in the first round of the 2016 Western Conference playoffs. The Warriors are the favorites to move on to the next round and Rockets fans seem to agree with it.

KPRC 2 Houston polled fans to vote on how far they think the Rockets will fare in these year’s playoffs. The results were almost unanimous at the end of the night with 97 percent of the voters in Houston says that the Rockets were losing to Golden State.

The defending champions just finished the 82-game regular season with nine losses. It’s nearly difficult to see them lose four in seven games, especially against a Houston team that has chemistry issues.

Golden State swept the season series 3-0 with an average winning margin of 12.3 points. The Warriors also defeated the Rockets 4-1 in last year’s Western Conference Finals.

FOX Sports pointed out two important reasons why the Rockets don’t have a chance in upsetting the Warriors. First reason is the turnovers where Houston ranks 27th in turnover percentage.

The defending champions have reigning MVP Stephen Curry who can hit a three in transition and basically anywhere on the floor. Players like Klay Thomspon, Draymond Green and Harrison Barnes will also punish the Rockets once they give up the ball.

Second reason is their defense wherein they finished in the bottom third of the league. The Houston Rockets also ranked last in defensive rebounding even though they have a guy named Dwight Howard on their team.

As mentioned in a previous report, Howard might be leaving the Rockets this season to test the free agency waters again. He has not been the same since his back surgery and the chemistry issue with James Harden also does not help.

On the other hand, the Rockets has a chance to have a mini-rebuild in the offseason starting with the hiring of a coach that can teach Harden how to defend. The Rockets have a very talented team and if they can just find consistency, maybe they can challenge the Warriors next season.

Photo Courtesy: SBNation/Twitter

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