Sacramento Kings’ Darren Collison charged with 2 counts of domestic violence

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Sacramento Kings’ Darren Collison has been charged with two counts of domestic violence on Monday which stemmed from his case on May.

Collison was arrested on May 30th, 2016 at his home after the victim, who was not named  called 911 at 1 am and was found with visible injuries. He was released on that day with a $55,000 bail.

He was also given two misdemeanor warrants for driving with a suspended license.

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The Kings guard may face up to 1 year in jail if he is found guilty, and could also be required to be involved in a one-year batterer’s treatment program.

According to the Placer County District Attorney office, they have reviewed the photos of the injuries of the victim as well as the copy of her 911 call on the night of the incident and was convinced that they have sufficient evidence to file a criminal case against Collison.

The District Attorney office also mentioned that the court will be the only one to have information regarding Collison’s case, and any other requests for evidence and details about the case will be denied.

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“While the facts of the case will ultimately become available throughout the court process, our office has an obligation to assure Mr. Collision receives a fair trial by not revealing details of the case outside of the court process.” The District Attorney office said.

The Sacramento Kings said that they are still gathering facts to know what appropriate steps they have to take regarding the case.

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