Sacramento Kings News: DeMarcus Cousins trade is a problem, Boogie is like booze

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Sacramento Kings news on DeMarcus Cousins, bullies Andy Furillo, Matt Barnes altercation

The Kings are now 3-5 since the NBA regular season started with DeMarcus Cousins scoring 22 points and grabbing 14 rebounds against the Raptors. But Sacramento Kings news reveals that they haven’t won more than 33 games in a single season since Cousins’ arrival.

The Kings hope that the hiring of coach Dave Joerger would help them transform into a winning team, and help harness DeMarcus Cousins ‘ energy. Boogie has long been a distracting force, which has made him a constant target for NBA rumors.

Sacramento Kings news is not a dearth of DeMarcus Cousins ‘ having trouble with coaches, and serving suspensions for his extracurricular concerns. In fact, that is why, despite his talent, being a two-way player, the Kings are having difficulty trading him.

A report by the Ringer further suggests that while his performance is never in question, it’s his unpredictability can be a major problem.

Sacramento Kings news and rumors say there’s a 50-50 chance DeMarcus Cousins will be traded, perhaps to Boston?

An Eastern Conference general manager said, “They’ll never get what they want in return” for DeMarcus Cousins.

“They think Cousins is worth more than he actually is. He hurts you every bit as much as he helps you. He’s like a cheeseburger or booze. Too much and you’ll pay a price.”

The Kings have been trying to trade Cousins to no avail, and analysts point out that the team is overpricing him. DeMarcus Cousins will soon be a free agent (2018) and there’s a chance they might lose him for nothing if they do not work on an extension.

“I’d take DeMarcus Cousins, but you’d need a dominant personality to control him. I’ve been in that locker room. He’s a problem. They’d love to trade him, but can’t. So they act like they won’t. They would, though—tomorrow,” a Western Conference executive told Amico, according to BleacherReport.

Will Dave Joerger be able to control Cousins in the long run, and will they be able to convince him to stay if they continue to fail at achieving a winning record? Sacramento Kings news abounds.

DeMarcus Cousins is one of the best centers in the NBA, but he’s difficult to deal with, and unless he’d be able to adjust himself with those around him he’s likely to end up with run-ins and all sorts of issues regardless of where he plays.

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