Sacramento Kings roster future looks bright; DeMarcus Cousins trade now unlikely with Dave Joerger & Ty Lawson

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DeMarcus Cousins trade
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It wasn’t too long ago where a DeMarcus Cousins trade was a constant talk of the town for NBA fans. After all, “Boogie” is not the type one would recall as being easy to deal with even within the Sacramento Kings roster.

DeMarcus Cousins had many run-ins with one too many coaches, the most popular perhaps being George Karl. His attitude is deemed by many to be disruptive and looked on as an obstruction to the Kings’ progress.

Despite his efficacy as a two-way baller, and his skills as a big man, the DeMarcus Cousins trade has constantly been mentioned around. That, plus the fact that poor management decisions, and factions constantly marred the Sacramento Kings roster didn’t help.

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It looks like all that belongs to a distant past now, as the team’s brand new coach Dave Joerger seems to be pulling the right strings. The Kings hope they could keep DeMarcus Cousins from leaving, and it’s kind of working in their favor.

According to a report by the Sacramento Bee Cousins is loving Dave Joerger’s offensive game.

“I love it. I love it. I love it.” Cousins said.

“It’s a new system, of course, a lot of options, man. The offense is different. I think it’s a good look for our team. I think this will help this team get to the next level. So it’s about us getting the system down pat and getting these options, a lot of options.”

Expect more movement in the team offense, as Dave Joerger looks to use Cousins not just as a scoring outlet, but also as a means for the Sacramento roster to score for themselves.

He’ll be more instrumental to everything that goes around, in most plays where he’s on the basketball court.

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With their poor performances now in the past, DeMarcus Cousins said, “To shake off the way we used to play, to a … more traditional way, it’s been tough, but I think guys have been great about it. We’re working hard.”

“We’re taking in as much information as we can in a short period of time. I think we’re growing at a fast pace – still got a lot of growing to do.”

He also had high hopes and praises for the team’s new guard Ty Lawson, who’s known for agility and speed.

In a report by CBS Sports DeMarcus Cousins said, “that m*********** is quick as s***”

Of course, honesty is being one of his known traits, in a good or bad light. Ty Lawson, however, is a bright spot on the Sacramento Kings roster, and it looks like they’re having so much fun together.

DeMarcus Cousins rarely gets along with any of his coaches, and now he has that, plus, he’s enjoying the team’s company.

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