Shareef O’Neal better than his father was; Shaq updates college recruitment

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Didn’t you wish former basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal were more versatile in his time in the NBA? Another O’Neal is just that, and on his way to make his presence felt as his father did start from high school to the NBA.

As a freshman, 16-year-old Shareef O’Neal has that rare combination of height at 6-foot-8 and speed. He shows that he can lead a fast break with his dribbling skills that reminds us of Brandon Ingram, who was just recently picked by the Lakers.

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Unlike his dad, the young O’Neal could not be left alone from the perimeter. The kid has the touch and can shoot from outside. He drives with rhythm, weaves through the defense, and the hack-a-Shaq strategy won’t be effective against him ‘cause he wouldn’t have any problems making free throws.

For sure, he is a better ball passer and playmaker than his dad.

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Shareef is a real good player, but he’s not great yet. The potential, however, is enormous.

Rumors have it that Shaq is steering his son to play ball in Kentucky when the time comes. That should be in at least another two years or so. And he won’t be eligible to sign a letter of intent for another eighteen months.

He sure is getting a lot of recruiting attention.

Shaq dismissed the rumors about his sole desire to have Shareef play for Kentucky, which isn’t a bad idea at all. But he said it is not just Kentucky on the list but there are other colleges too.

“The reason why Kentucky– because the potential my father saw in me, and him knowing that I was going to go to the next level, I definitely see it in Shareef. The reason why he trusted me with Dale Brown is because he knew Dale Brown could get me to that next level– not playing-wise or coaching-wise; discipline-wise. So I would like for my son to play for a coach that is going to teach him next-level stuff. I have three in mind: Johnny Jones at LSU because I know him personally; Calipari; and the coach from Michigan State, Tom Izzo.” Shaq said.

Shaq’s reasoning makes sense, but at this point, a lot of things can happen. We’ll find out in the next two years, but for now the “Medium Diesel” is gaining steam.

Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/

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