Spurs rumors: Tony Parker out, Tim Duncan back in, Dennis Schroder as young Parker

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Point guard Tony Parker has been an invaluable piece to the San Antonio Spurs over the years, impressing the franchise as a 4x NBA champion, and even clinching the NBA Finals MVP award back in 2007.

At 34 years of age, Tony Parker may still have 2 to 3 years left in his career. Of San Antonio’s big three, only Manu Ginobili (39) and Tony Parker remain active, as Tim Duncan decided to make last season his last.

However, Tim Duncan is expected to be back with the Spurs in some capacity. In fact, he’s pretty much empowered by coach Gregg Popovich to do whatever he wants, being a coach of whatever he pleases.

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The Spurs roster is still under his strong influence, and his role is expected to evolve in time, taking a more defined position.

Will Tim Duncan eventually decide to play again in the NBA? Spurs rumors have no concrete signs of that yet, but the best power forward of all-time is surely welcome to return whenever he’s ready.

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According to a report by CBS Sports Tony Parker will be playing lesser minutes during the preseason. To start off, the veteran point guard will be sitting out the NBA preseason opener.

On this account, expect Dejounte Murray in the starting lineup. Although healthy, Tony Parker will be given more time to rest, and is expected to play against the Atlanta Hawks on Saturday.

Coincidentally, Spurs rumors have put the franchise in a possible deal with Atlanta, one that is in preparation for Tony Parker’s eventual replacement.

Dennis Schroder to supplant Tony Parker?

According to a report by Morning News USA the Spurs are looking at Dennis Schroder as a possible replacement. Tony Parker recently announced his retirement from International play, and his NBA career may be over soon.

Apart from this, he’s now more vulnerable to injuries, considering his wear and tear, and age.

Dennis Schroder (23) participated in last year’s Rising Stars Challenge, and was lauded by basketball analysts as a “magician out there.”

More significantly, as Dennis Schroder scored 13 points, 9 assists and 3 steals he was described as a “young Tony Parker.”

With the real McCoy in the twilight of his career, Spurs rumors circulate that Dennis Schroder is being looked into as the Spurs next leader.

Due to their similar playing styles, Dennis Schroder is expected to fit in easily and adapt to the team’s basketball philosophy.

He is young, and if Spurs rumors are true, he will have a chance to fight for a championship, or at least be under the tutelage of Gregg Popovich, who’s known to be a great mentor for young athletes.

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