Stephen Curry collapses after hearing of Jordan Spieth’s Masters defeat

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Golden State Warriors are currently riding high after a phenomenal win over San Antonio Spurs Sunday night. However, prior to the game, Warriors’ top guard, Stephen Curry had a tough time dealing with a loss.

Stephen Curry collapsed to the floor while he was warming up prior to the San Antonio Spurs game, reports ESPN. The incident happened after he heard the news about young, talented golfer Jordan Spieth’s quadruple bogey.

Jordan Spieth had a quadruple bogey during the par-three 12th at the Masters, Dallas News reports. Losing to Danny Willet, Speith finished second at the Masters.

Stephen Curry apparently could not handle the defeat of Spieth. He collapsed to the floor as soon as he heard about Spieth’s struggle. Curry in fact, was doing his normal routine when he first heard the news as ESPN reporter Marc Stein points out.

“All of a sudden Andre Iguodala comes darting onto the floor out of the locker room to let Steph [know] that Speith had just quadruple bogeyed,” Stein said. “Steph collapsed to the floor. It was mock agony, but it wasn’t mock agony because he kind of lowered himself to the floor slowly, but he was shaken up by it and shocked by it.”

“It’s tough, really tough. [On the 12th] That ball flight is one that has come up for me quite a lot at par threes this week. I should have gone to the drop zone. Lack of discipline to hit it over the bunker after dropping two shots. I’m pretty sure I’ll be disappointed. We still have the confidence we area closing team and can close. It was just a very tough 30 minutes for me but we can get over it,” Spieth said after the loss, reports The Inquisitr.

Curry and Spieth share the same sponsor and that’s probably why the Warriors star player is affected by the loss. Like Curry, many fans have expressed shock and grief at Spieth’s loss.

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