Stephen Curry on Colin Kaepernick issue: ‘I’ll most likely stand’

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Stephen Curry (Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr)

After 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick did what most believe to be a controversial matter, two-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry weighs in and expressed his thoughts about the incident. On Tuesday evening at a TechCrunch event in San Francisco, Curry addressed the issue about Kaepernick and other NFL players sitting or kneeling during the national anthem.

According to Fox Sports, in the interview, Curry was asked what are his thoughts about Kaepernick’s cause and come NBA season would he do the same, the superstar said that he supports Kaepernick’s message and cause but said he’ll likely be standing when the national anthem is being played.

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“I’ll most likely stand. If you follow the way he talks and the message he’s trying to send with his act, from his mouth, he’s not disrespecting veterans. He’s not disrespecting military. That’s not his intention. He’s obviously continued the act to create a conversation for more social justice and things of that nature. So, I’ve been a part of certain conversations off the grid, and finding different ways to make our community better, especially for African-Americans. And so, that’s not the way that I would do it, but I support him in his attempt to start a conversation or continue the conversation,” Curry said in the interview.

In an article posted by Mercury News, when asked by the moderator how hard it is to overcome criticisms, Stephen Curry responded by saying that it is something that he’s learned.

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“You just have to be true to yourself and understand both sides of the equation and be OK with the consequences, like Colin is,” Curry said later. “My approach is not going to please everyone and that’s what America is about. Some people agree with Colin, some don’t. But the common thread is that there is change that needs to be made.”

Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr

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