Stephen Curry slumps behind Kevin Durant, out of sight in NBA MVP race

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Stephen Curry, Michael Jordan, Steve Kerr
Stephen Curry, Michael Jordan, Steve Kerr

After winning the NBA MVP award for two straight seasons in 2015 and 2016 much is to be seen from the Warriors ‘ point guard Stephen Curry.

Practically everything one saw from the NBA last season had something to do with Stephen Curry. He was simply everywhere, just like his 3-point shooting. Apart from being unanimously voted as the league’s MVP, he has showered all sorts of accolades.

Not only did Stephen Curry impress a record on his 3-pointers, but also he broke his own record too for threes made. Perhaps only he was in the position to do so, and he joined Steve Kerr and Steve Nash as the only players in the history of the league to shoot at the 50-percentile range.

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In the 2017 season, Stephen Curry is not even among the top five candidates for the NBA MVP award. Russell Westbrook leads the pack, while another Warrior in Kevin Durant is at third.

Stephen Curry slump

“I don’t mind his slump,” Warriors assistant coach Bruce Fraser said in a report by SFGate. “He’s getting more rest right now. He’ll have more on him later.”

Perhaps more rest is what the MVP needs as he becomes too accommodating to his fans, the media, and with his extracurricular activities. The report suggests that the accumulative effects of these distractions are finally taking a toll on Stephen Curry ‘s game.

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“To see what he does behind the scenes, it’s incredible the joy that he brings to people’s lives,” Steve Kerr said. “It’s from the bottom of his heart. There’s no agenda with him. He does it every single day.”

Stephen Curry vs Kevin Durant

The other Warrior to make it in the top 5 list of MVP candidates may also be the reason for Stephen Curry ‘s average performance according to a report by Fox Sports.

The addition of Kevin Durant has changed the offensive game of the Warriors, so much so that Stephen Curry has become a number two guy. He may be taking more rest with less weight on his shoulders with KD around, but he’s been shooting way below his standards too. He is shooting only 40.4 percent in 3-pointers this season.

“Stephen Curry was always a threat to pull up at a moment’s notice when he was the one dominating the ball; now that he has to share with another alpha-scoring superstar, Curry’s game has taken a noticeable step back,” the report said.

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