Stephen Curry a throwback, Isiah Thomas talks of Curry’s fundamentals

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Stephen Curry, Michael Jordan, Steve Kerr
Stephen Curry, Michael Jordan, Steve Kerr

One might presume that a superstar player in the NBA like Stephen Curry, who seems to be able to shoot the ball from any part of the basketball court could also pretty much do all the tricks of the trade. Well, almost.

Many experts call the Golden State Warriors’ point guard the greatest shooter in NBA history. Since he joined the NBA (2009) Stephen Curry has already won the league’s MVP award twice. He’s made it to the All-Star thrice and led the team in winning the NBA championship in 2015.

Coming into the arena on Tuesday, Stephen Curry showed off a bit of his ball handling skills to the thrill of the crowd. Unlike most days where he would display his shooting ability from the tunnel entrance, he did so with a multi-colored ball off an assist from a Globetrotter.

Thanks to Harlem Globetrotter players Scooter Christensen and Handles Franklin, Stephen Curry learned how to spin a ball.

“You all made a dream come true right there,” Stephen Curry said in a report by UPI. Hard to believe? Well, Curry surely is one of a kind.

Stephen Curry sound fundamentals says Isiah Thomas

Now that Curry has learned how to spin a ball, it’s hard to fathom anything he cannot do further with a basketball. In fact, NBA legend Isiah Thomas feels that in spite of the NBA’s changes, especially on the offensive end, being scored-oriented, Stephen Curry has very solid fundamental skills.

Isiah Thomas believes that while the NBA has become “interesting” considering its high-scoring style, it needs to balance itself from a defensive standpoint. “I think the players are phenomenal. What they’re doing is at a historic pace. You love watching it, it’s entertaining. It’s been great to watch,” Isiah Thomas said in a report by CNN.

“Stephen Curry is probably one of the most fundamentally sound players in the league. His shot is fundamentally, traditionally, classically perfect.”

Stephen Curry set the NBA record for three-pointers made in a regular season with 272 during the 2012-13 season. It was a record he broke in 2015 with 286. He upped his performance in 2016 by nearly doubling it with 402.

“You can’t do the things he does from that great a distance without having a great, solid, fundamental base that allows you to shoot that far and shoot that distance very effortlessly,” Isiah Thomas added.

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