Stephen Curry’s swollen elbow “fine” and not serious

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Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry is set to play on the third game of Warriors against Oklahoma City on the Western Conference even with his swollen elbow.

Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry is set to play the third game of Warriors against Oklahoma City in the Western Conference even with his swollen elbow.

It was in the last three minutes of the 1st quarter of the 2nd game of the Golden State Warriors against Oklahoma City when Curry reached out and dived for the loose ball that went into the second row of the courtside seats and made him hit his elbow on a metal platform.

Nevertheless, this did not keep Curry from playing last Wednesday, as he continued to the game and scored 28 team-high points that led to the Warriors’ 118-91 win over the Thunders.

He received a bruised and swollen elbow, which he said in an interview with Anthony Slater is like a tennis ball on top of it. However, Curry followed up on the issue saying that his “Elbow is fine.” and  that it “Doesn’t affect the range of motion.”

The MVP did not seem on the team’s injury report either, and a medical staff of the Warriors is confident that the swelling of his elbow will go down before the 3rd game on Sunday.

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Warriors’ coach, Steve Kerr, did not seem to be bothered by Curry’s swollen elbow, saying he did not even notice the knot, and that he has no concern over it.

Curry also recently injured his ankle on the Warriors’ Game 1 against Houston Rockets but continues to go to treatment and recover from it.

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