Thon Maker chooses to represent Australia over Canada for international competition

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It is still not certain whether he will be able to feature in NBA this season, but wonder boy Thon Maker has clarified that he wants to represent Australia, ending rumors that the South-Sudanese born teenager may jump ship to Canada.

“I’ve always wanted to play for Australia,” Maker told “No matter what.

“It’s no joke. I don’t know what the theory is by everybody else — they always think that I might play for somebody else — but, my family is Australian, coach’s family is Australian, so I don’t see who else I’m supposed to be playing for.”

Maker is currently at Canada’s Orangeville Prep’s Athlete Institute, where he joined in 2014. Prior to that, he attended three high schools in the US after he moved there in 2011.

Now Maker has made himself available for the NBA draft. Once the NBA announces him draft eligible, the teams will be eyeing to sign to 19-year-old 7-footer.

His move to Orangeville Athlete Institute sparked rumors that Maker may represent Canada in international events.

“(Canada) has never approached me in any serious matter, and even if they did, I wouldn’t play for them. I still want to play for Australia. No matter what,” Maker said.

“It’s just, I want to be able to come in and play. Like, ready to play. Right now, if I think about it, for the Olympics, they would be wanting to take their best guys to go out and play. For me, I haven’t really had that much experience, in terms of playing with the older guys.

“For me, let’s say after I put in some time in the (NBA), then I’ll be ready to come in and play straight away. I won’t be having to come in and sit.

“If I were to go right now, then I’d have to sit behind a whole bunch of guys because there are other guys who from Australia who’d be put ahead of me.”

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