Tim Duncan or Kobe Bryant; The greater player

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Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant

Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant are two of the greatest players in the history of the NBA and arguably the two best players of this generation. Comparing them head-to-head is difficult as well as answering the question of who is the greater player between Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant?

It is an endless debate that will separate NBA fans, players, analysts and everyone who knows basketball. Many factors are going to be involved in choosing between Duncan or Bryant including championships, stats, awards, front office, teammates, demeanor, the city they play in and much more.

This is just my opinion but I always think that Kobe Bryant was overrated. I do not hate Kobe. I like the player. He is one of the greatest. I love his game and his Mamba mentality, but I think that he was overrated. Don’t get me wrong, I like Kobe more than Duncan.

But Bryant played in Los Angeles and that is why he got most of the exposure unlike Duncan, who played for the smaller market team in San Antonio. I don’t even like watching Timmy play because he was boring, but the guy is the most consistent player of all-time.

In the 19 years he played, the Spurs have not missed the playoffs and they have won at least 50 games in all non-lockout seasons. He has been the heart and soul of the Spurs for the past 20 years. His bank shot is legendary and it’s a shame that he never won a Defensive Player of the Year award.

Duncan’s quiet demeanor trumps Kobe’s competitiveness. The Big Fundamental would have been able to adapt to any kind of teammate while Mamba… well you know the names Shaq, Dwight Howard, Smush Parker.

I think Robert Horry said it best when asked which guy he would rather have on his team between Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant. “Am I trying to win a championship or am I trying to fill seats?” Horry responded, via Melissa Rohlin.

Yes, Duncan and Bryant both won the five NBA championships but remember: Kobe was not “The Man” during his first three reigns. Nonetheless, both players are in the Top 10 of the greatest NBA players of all-time.

Duncan is the greatest power forward ever while Bryant is the second-greatest shooting guard of all-time behind a guy named Michael Jordan. Some people will say Duncan was better, many will say it’s Bryant.  But for me, Duncan has the slight edge over Kobe and it is because of his unbelievable consistency.

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