Tyronn Lue on Finals Loss: ‘A lot of guys cried because they wanted it bad’

PHOTOGRAPH: Erik Drost/Flickr | Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue

Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue revealed that he and some of his players broke down in tears after losing in Game 5 of the NBA Finals 2017. Lue praised his team for doing their best and vowed that the Cavaliers will bounce back next season.

“We had a moment. I broke down so I couldn’t really finish my speech. A lot of guys cried because they wanted it bad,” head coach Tyronn Lue said following Cleveland’s 129-120 loss. “And that’s all you can ask. If you give all your effort and all the fight and all the heart you got, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to win, and that’s what’s tough about sports. I credit our guys. I thought they gave everything they had, and we fought, we competed, and we never gave in, but they beat us.”

Coach Tyronn Lue after losing in NBA Finals 2017: ‘It’s just tough’

The Cavaliers entered the 2016-17 NBA season as the defending champs. They managed to win their first NBA championship title after overcoming a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals 2016. The Golden State Warriors strengthened their chance of reclaiming the title with the acquisition of Kevin Durant.

As expected, the Cavaliers and the Warriors clashed for the third straight year in the NBA Finals. Golden State dismantled Cleveland in the first two games. The Cavaliers showed improvements in Game 3 but still fell short. In Game 4, they grabbed their first victory and prevented the Warriors from establishing a 16-0 postseason record.

The Warriors ended the series in Game 5 to completely dethrone the Cavaliers. It’s just the second year of Tyronn Lue as the Cavaliers head coach but he already knows the feeling of both winning and losing in the NBA Finals. Lue admitted that losing is a tough one, especially after seeing his players do everything to defend their throne.

“My first time being in this position as a head coach and you get the guys here and you play The Finals and you’re starting to play better and play well, and then you look up and the season’s over,” Lue added. “And it just is tough for me because I know all the fight these guys have and how much they wanted to win. And when you come up short like this, it’s just tough.”

Can the Cavaliers reclaim the title next season?

As most people think, there is a possibility that the Cavaliers and the Warriors are headed to their fourth straight Finals matchup. Cleveland obviously needs to improve their roster to match the Warriors’ “Super Death Lineup.” After losing in the NBA Finals, names of Paul George, Carmelo Anthony, and DeMarcus Cousins emerged as the Cavs’ potential offseason targets. However, with the current assets they have, it remains questionable if the Cavaliers can acquire a superstar without breaking their core.

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