Warriors’ Kevin Durant on James Worthy’s shade: ‘Stop selling out’

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Kevin Durant has called out James Worthy and tagged him two-faced when discussing his controversial move to the Golden State Warriors from the Oklahoma City Thunder. Durant claims that the NBA legend was supportive to his face but got critical in front of the media.

The Warriors star, who is currently injured, appeared on Bill Simmons podcast on Saturday. The 28-year-old tagged Worthy as a sell out and asked him and other NBA greats to stop it.

“Yo, stop selling out. Stop selling your brothers out. This is a fraternity. Stop selling us out, stop doing that man, and then come in my face talking that nonsense. I was really fooled with him,” Durant said.

Best criticism on TV

Simmons questioned Durant on the best criticism he received from someone on TV. The small forward admitted that Worthy did some shady sh*t to him and mentioned how both of them met before his first game with the Golden State Warriors.

“We played in Vancouver, first game in a Warriors uniform. And I see James Worthy walking out as I was leaving the game, it’s a legend here. Big Game James. I’m a little skeptical at this point to even talk to anybody from the generation before because I don’t even know how they feel about me as a person, as a player,” Durant revealed.

“But he was like, ‘Man. Don’t worry about that stuff. People change jobs every single year, every single day. Don’t worry about that. Just go out there and keep working and go win.’ So I’m like, ‘Man that’s nice.’”

Durant reveals Worthy betrayal

Durant was excited to receive some support from an older NBA player, when the basketball world was split on his decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder. However, when he got back home, he received a harsh reality from his boy Randy.

“So I came back home that night and my boy Randy —I was like, ‘Man. James Worthy was cool. He showed me so much love. I appreciate that.’” Durant mentioned.

“He was like, ‘Huh? He was talking so bad about you on TV and he was saying Magic wouldn’t have done that. I wouldn’t have done that.’”

Durant was frustrated with the two-faced approach Worthy displayed on the situation. The 6-ft-9 small forward has wished that other NBA greats don’t sell out current players the way Worthy did.

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