Warriors mentor Steve Kerr says they are not pushing for history

March 27, 2016; Oakland, CA, USA; Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr instructs his team against the Philadelphia 76ers during the fourth quarter at Oracle Arena. The Warriors defeated the 76ers 117-105. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Kerr clarified this week that the Golden State Warriors are not pushing to get a piece of history in the NBA by chasing the 1996 Chicago Bulls records 72-10 record. He maintains that they are focusing their energy for a gruelling five games stretch going into the playoffs.

USA Today reported that Kerr, who was also a member of the Bulls back when they hauled the record, stated that the team is not practically aiming to chase the record, but instead they are preparing themselves as they wrap up their elimination run with five more games including the Minnesota Timberwolves then facing the San Antonio Spurs and Memphis Grizzlies twice.

“We’re not really pushing for this. All we’ve said is, ‘Yeah, it’d be nice to get. We’d like to get it. But if I were pushing for it, I probably wouldn’t be resting (backup point guard) Shaun Livingston and (center Andrew) Bogut, and I’d be playing our starters more. We’re just playing it out. I don’t understand if people are going to say that we’re pushing for this. I don’t think that’s the right word to use. We’d like to get it, but we’re still resting people and trying to get us set up for the playoffs,” Kerr said.

Kerr, in an interview with ESPN, explained that all the social media and talks on the record run have greatly impacted the team and with their recent 109-106 loss to the Boston Celtics it gave them a reality check. It also questioned the team’s identity and its vision.

“I think they want the [wins] record. But I think what they probably realize is maybe all the talk and all the focus on the record has gotten us away from the process of who we are. I do think the constant questions and talk about — whether it’s home win streak or record or whatever — I think all that stuff does take its toll, whether the players know it or not, whether it’s a conscious thing or not, and it probably has taken a little bit away from, as I said, our process or our work,” Kerr explained.

For Kerr, he does not mind the fact that they are just five games away from beating his former team’s record. What he is more concern of is their run during the playoffs and defending their championship title. He is more worried about his players as the playoffs comes with gruelling schedules, match ups and an injury could be a major factor as well.

“I think it’d be cool [to break the record], but we all know what our focus is. We want to win a championship. The championship goes up on the wall, and records are broken. People break records. Championships last forever,” Kerr stressed.

The Warriors are 68-8 in the Western Conference and if they sweep their remaining assignments whether Kerr likes or not they are going into the history books.

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