Warriors News: Addition of Kevin Durant Warriors weakened, Steve Kerr embarrassed

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Warriors news exploded when Golden State, led by Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant played against the San Antonio Spurs. But it wasn’t celebratory.

After months of speculation of how strong Kevin Durant Warriors would be, now, being a super-team, a lopsided loss to a much lesser team has fittingly described a slap in the face.

Or a punch in the mouth, but you get the point.

The new Kevin Durant Warriors team lost 129-100. And Warriors news and rumors go that this is exactly what fans have feared would happen with the addition of Kevin Durant to an already accomplished, “final product” team.

“I think our guys were embarrassed (by the performance) tonight. I know I was.” Steve Kerr said in a report by Fox Sports.

As initially thought, the addition of Kevin Durant made the Warriors smaller, and therefore weaker defensively, although it gave them more speed by playing small. It also deprived their second unit of backup talents. And against the Spurs, even their offense was not in sync.

According to a report by the Guardian, Reggie Miller said of Kevin Durant Warriors, “Is used to playing isolation ball and standing around the top of the key until he’s passed to, that the Warriors offense requires constantly off-ball movement.” But Warriors news could never be bereft of ideas and analyses.

This is just the first game of the season out of 82, and while this loss is regarded an embarrassment to the new “super team” still so much could be done and may happen along the way.

Perhaps, this is just what Stephen Curry, and Kevin Durant Warriors teammates needed. A wake up call as suggested by Fox; a reality check, so to speak.

The Spurs may have less superstar talent, but they surely came in strong and confident, which must be byproducts of their preparations.

Interestingly enough, Kevin Durant did well individually with 27 points, 10 rebounds, four assists, two steals and two blocks, all while converting 11 of 18 field goals. But he’s now with the Warriors, and they do things differently. Perhaps next time, and in time…

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