What went wrong? Chicago Bulls officially eliminated from playoff contention

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The Chicago Bulls during a timeout. (Photo Courtesy: Jim Larrison/Wikimedia)

The Chicago Bulls were officially eliminated from contention on Sunday night after the Indiana Pacers defeated the Brooklyn Nets. The Bulls last missed the postseason in 2008 when they finished with a 33-49.

What really went wrong in Chicago under Fred Hoiberg’s first season?

“I think the ‘what happened’ is always more complicated. A lot of things went wrong. I think it will be interesting as they go forward, how people try to spin or point the finger of blame or who tries to do that. Because I think the main thing for everybody is when you have a struggle of a year is own it,” basketball analyst Jeff Van Gundy told The Daily Herald.

Many fans will point out the chemistry between issues between Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler. The Chicago Bulls were Rose’s team before his injuries, but that mantle shifted to Butler after his breakout season last year.

“Butler’s had a great year, but he hasn’t been as great when Rose has been on the floor with him, I don’t believe. And Rose has had some really good moments, but not necessarily at the same time as Butler,” Van Gundy said.

The former NBA coach also pointed out that Chicago should have better players on their roster besides the likes of Nikola Mirotic, Doug McDermott and Tony Snell. Mirotic and McDermott are tremendous shooters but lacked defensive mentality.

On the other hand, Snell struggled offensively that caused him his place in the rotation. Other fans will put the blame on coach Hoiberg, but he’s still in his first year and should be given more time. However, he should be more assertive to a point that he criticizes his players to help them improve.

There will be a lot of questions heading into the offseason for the Chicago Bulls. Who will they re-sign? Pau Gasol or Joakim Noah? Will they trade Jimmy Butler or Derrick Rose?

According to NBC Chicago, the Bulls had a 1.9 percent chance of getting the first overall selection when they missed the playoffs in 2008. They got lucky and drafted Derrick Rose that year. The Chicago Bulls could get lucky again this time around.

Photo Courtesy: Jim Larrison/Wikimedia

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