Chris Bosh wants to play in Conference Semifinal series, Miami Heat stick to “no”

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NBA Playoffs (Courtesy: Logopedia/Wikimedia Commons)

Chris Bosh traveled with Miami Heat for the Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinals against the Toronto Raptors. The team management thinks he is not fit enough to play. Miami won the game, 102-96 without featuring Bosh. And his relationship with the Heat management has reportedly soured over his health condition and with disagreement of his return to the court. Bosh has approached the NBPA to influence the Heat management.

The rift between Bosh and Heat began in February, when the team management decided to put the 11-time All-star in the inactive list indefinitely after he was diagnosed with blood clot for the second time.

According to ESPN’s Dan Le Batard, Bosh has approached the NBA’s Players Association to persuade Miami for his return.

“From the people I’m talking to, Chris Bosh wants back on the court. And now. Wants to get back to the Miami Heat. And the Miami Heat, on medical advice, are saying absolutely not. No…they’re paying him. They need him. They badly want to get to an Eastern Conference finals against LeBron, and they are telling him, “No. You cannot work,” Le Batard also said.

“And so, the Miami Heat and Chris Bosh are at a crossroads. There is a conflict here that promises to get a little bit messier. It’s been private until now, but it leaked out in social media last week, and now I’m hearing the union – – that the Boshes want so badly on the court that they’re trying to get the union involved. […] They have found a doctor that might be ready to clear him.”

And the National Basketball Players’ Association has issued a notice in this regard, seeking an amicable solution involving both parties.

“Our top priority is Chris’ health and well-being. We have spoken with Chris and his agent, and have reached out to the Miami Heat. We are hopeful that all parties involved can meet as soon as possible to resolve the situation.”

The conflict was private until last week, but leaked out in social media recently. Bosh’s wife Adrienne Bosh earlier tweeted to campaign for her husband’s return in the starting line-up.

Photo Courtesy: Logopedia/Wikimedia

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