Wizards Update: Is Bradley Beal worth a max contract

The Washington Wizards will have an interesting summer ahead as one of its superstars Bradley Beal is asking for a maximum contract going into the free agency.

The Washington Wizards will have an interesting summer ahead as one of its superstars Bradley Beal is asking for a maximum contract going into the free agency. However, the question is, will the Wizards give into Beal’s request or look elsewhere to find a suitable free agent who can fill in Beal’s place?

In the 2015-16 season, Beal has a salary cap of $5,694,674 while going into next season, Beal has a salary cap of $7,471,412 and has a cap hit of $14,236,685 and he is asking for a possible $23 million. Beal is in Japan and promoting the NBA and he stated that he wanted to value the right way.

Despite his injury laden season, Beal explains that he has the right to ask for a maximum contract which was deprived of him back in November, but if both parties could not agree on a possible contract this summer then Beal can exercise his right as a restricted free agent to listen to offers from other teams.

“I want to be valued the right way,” Beal, 22, said from Japan, where he visited as part of a promotional tour for the NBA and attended a playoff viewing party with fans. “I feel like I’m a max player and that’s what I’m looking for. If Washington can’t meet that requirement then I may be thinking elsewhere. I’m pretty sure that they probably won’t [let me go]. At the end of the day, that’s where I want to be. I think a deal will probably get done but you just never know.”

The scenario could work in favor of the Wizards because if they are released from any obligation with Beal, it could give them the needed space to land an offer for a much needed free agent who could help them next season. Other potential point guards who will be in free agency include Rajon Rondo, Mike Conley, Seth Curry, Ty Lawson and a possible talented playmaker among the draftees.

Aside from getting a point guard, with their space cap they could also look for possible wingmen who could help provide enough space for John Wall with the likes of Harrison Barnes, Nicolas Batum or DeMar DeRozan. They could pursue an elite big man – Al Horford, Dwight Howard or Hassan Whiteside.

Beal also answered queries about him being healthy and stated that he is improving as a player and that he is trying his best to be healthy and focus on his career and not on what other people are saying.

“I hear about it all time, but that doesn’t define me as a player,” Beal said. “That won’t stop me from growing as a player and it won’t stop me from being who I am. The injury thing, that’s behind me. I’m moving forward. I’m passed it. I’m focused on my career from here on out. Hell, Steph Curry was hurt his first four years. Look at him now. John [Wall] was hurt his first three or four years. Look at him now. I’m not worried about it. People are going to say what they want to say. At the end of the day, it’s not going to affect me or the money.”

Whatever happens this summer, Beal is ready to listen to offers that would suit his potentials and guarantees that he will make the best of what is offered to him and he will make sure that the team gets what they pay him for as well.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr

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