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Izzo shoulders responsibility for Michigan State’s rough schedule

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Michigan State’s rough schedule
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At the end of the day, things fell apart. They fell apart in a rush of missed shots and turnovers. And Michigan State did not get a stop either or shall we say consecutive stops in the Michigan State’s rough schedule.

Not Quite There

When you are playing a game where you have to essay a come from behind role like in the second half of the semifinal against Baylor you have to stop the opponent’s lead to cut the lead. Michigan State’s rough schedule ensured they were unable to do so at the Battle 4 Atlantis reports Detroit Free Press.

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Worse than the fact the Baylor kept up its scoring was that Michigan State continued to miss and eventually came to believe that the game was out of their hands. When that happens, the competition stops.


This is something you do not expect from a team coached by Tom Izzo. And the sorry sight of Michigan State with a defeated body language and 15 minutes to the end and down by five is regrettable.

After the defeat, all that Izzo could manage was “We have to compete at a different level,we’ve had our moments where we’ve looked very good, and yet we have those stretches. …”

The “stretches” unfortunately resemble self-inflicted droughts.

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The blame game

Izzo, however, pleaded not to blame the players. The Spartans had much going against them, especially Michigan State’s rough schedule. The traveling from Michigan to Hawaii back to home. Then again scuttling back and forth between Michigan and New York and then the Bahamas, the youth, the lack of health and size all contributed to the humiliation of the Spartans.

Instead, fans and critics alike have another reason the blame. Izzo Himself “I actually apologized to my team,” he clarified. “I’ve always played a tough schedule. You know what, to all of you, you can take it as an excuse, you can take it as whatever you want, I don’t give a damn. I’m telling you what I did. This ain’t on them, it’s on me. The travel has been brutal.”

Yahoo reports Izzo adds, “We were moving the ball and really playing well, I thought through the first half, and we quit doing that. I just think we looked awfully tired. I can accept that that’s my fault, not theirs.”


Photo Courtesy: US Army Africa/Flickr

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