Jose Aldo sees no ‘evolution’ in Frankie Edgar

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Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar last met at UFC 156 in 2013. They are to meet again at UFC 200 on July 9.

A lot has changed since then. After defeating Frankie Edgar at UFC 156, he went on to defend his featherweight title three times before losing it to Conor McGregor at UFC 194. As for Edgar, he has had five consecutive wins in a row. However, Aldo clearly believes that Edgar has not evolved over time. According to him, Edgar plays the same game and has the same movement.

“I don’t see evolution in him. He has adapted to the division, but I don’t see an evolution,” Aldo said at a media conference in Rio de Janeiro, reports MMA Fighting. “He continues doing the same game, same movement. I respect him, but I’m capable of getting there and winning.”

Aldo, in fact, feels that he won their previous fight with just his “left arm”.

“Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? No way,” he said on being asked about their previous fight. “I haven’t watched it anymore because I know I easily won that. I won that only with my left arm. I don’t know where he saw that. You can say he won the fifth round and that’s it, but I won the other four. I won, no doubt.”

Both Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar have been clamouring for a shot at McGregor. Their scheduled rematch then is sure going to be a war because whoever win get to fight McGregor.

Meanwhile, Frankie Edgar has said that he is going to make Aldo “wilt” and “put him away”. And right now, all he could think about is Jose Aldo.

“I’ve got Jose on my mind 24/7 now,” Edgar told FOX Sports. “He’s the most dominant featherweight that we’ve ever had. He stumbled his last fight but he’s still dangerous. I know he wants to get back at Conor and I know I want a chance at Conor as well so I’m definitely excited for this fight.”

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