Mia Khalifa busts Ole Miss QB, ex-pornstar outs Chad Kelly

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Photo courtesy: Instagram/notthefakemiakhalifa

Ole Miss Rebels quarterback Chad Kelly was forced to delete a social media account on Twitter after he was outed to the public by former pornstar Mia Khalifa, who posted screen shots of their private conversation.

Kelly’s team, the Rebels, faced off with Florida State on Monday night and the ex-adult film superstar is a big fan of the Seminoles squad which won over Kelly’s team, 45-34.

“Shoulda spent more time in your playbook and less time in my DM’s #NOLES,” Khalifa stated as a reply to Kelly, who slid into her DM.

The conversation showed Kelly trying to convince Khalifa, who is the most popular pornstar in 2015, to add him on Snapchat and hoping to hook up after the Monday’s game between Ole Miss and Florida State.

“Weakness 1: can’t resist urges to slide into DM’s of girls outta his league,” Khalifa also stated as replies to Kelly. “I’m only following you for seminole recon to find your weaknesses before the game.”

Here are some Mia Khalifa photos showing her fandom for the Seminoles:

Hook 'em or Scalp 'em? #TexasForever #NoleGangYaBish 🤘🏼🍢

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First half vs Second half. Y'all thought you had us 😏 #ATXnoleGang

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In the last one, Khalifa posted, “First half vs Second half. Y’all thought you had us. #ATXnoleGang,” referring to the Seminoles’ comeback win over the Rebels.

Kelly suddenly deleted his Twitter account after Mia Khalifa’s expose.

Photo courtesy: Instagram/notthefakemiakhalifa

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