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Red Bull finally reveals the real story behind the messy pitstop that robbed Daniel Ricciardo of a great victory at Monaco GP [Video]

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A slow pitstop in the Monaco Grand Prix has caused Daniel Ricciardo a great chance of winning the Monaco Grand Prix. The Australian admitted that the incident had left him hurt and had strongly believed that without that embarrassing messy pitstop, he would surely have won the Monaco race.

Ricciardo has dominated the early stages of the Monaco Grand Prix, but a slow messy pitstop has caused him a chance of victory at the Monaco Grand Prix.

When Hamilton pitted to switch to ultrasoft, Red Bull followed him and responded by choosing to pit Ricciardo on the following lap. Having already planned to change to new soft, the crew made a last-minute change and switch him on to the used supersoft set he had left over from Q2.

But Ricciardo’s stop stretched out to a painful 13.6 seconds, and even then and the situation became too complicated when the team finds out that the tyres were not ready to change Ricciardo’s car. They later discovered that those needed tyres were trapped at the back of the Monaco garage, and the team failed to retrieve them, in time, before Ricciardo arrived. Even when Ricciardo finally emerged from the pitlane, he has already lost crucial time and position to Hamilton.

Red Bull technical chief Christian Horner said, via the Motorsport: “Based on how we are set up here in Monaco, the pit wall is upstairs and the garage is downstairs.

“The tyres are on heat both in the garage and behind the garage, and unfortunately, the set of tyres that were called for were not readily to hand, and were at the back of the garage.”

The Red Bull chief also added there was nothing that the Red Bull team could do to make things up to Ricciardo, other than apologize and make sure there that it’s not going to happen again in the future race.

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