2016 NFL Playoffs: New York Giants starters deserves rest

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2016 NFL Playoffs: New York Giants starters deserves rest
The Giants barge their way into the playoffs this season and coach Ben McAdoo is in a dilemma whether to give his starters the rest they so much deserve.

The New York Giants barge their way into the playoffs this season after five straight years in franchise history. Giants’ coach Ben McAdoo now have the dilemma of whether to give his starters the rest they so much deserve.

The Giants will close their regular season with a match against the Washington Redskins in Week 17. But the catch to their match against the Redskins is that no matter the outcome, it does not affect them. According to Dan Benton of USA Today’s Giants Wire, McAdoo’s decision will greatly affect their playoff run. With the way their offense is running, he might let his players run the field with the risk of injuries.

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Jordan Raanan of ESPN’s NFL Nation reports that Giants’ defensive tackle Jonathan Casillas is hoping they would get a rest. Adding it would greatly benefit players as well and prepare themselves for a possible collision with the Seahawks.

“That would be great if we could [rest], if we’re in that situation,” Casillas said after Thursday night’s loss. “I think it would benefit everybody, especially myself, coming off a little knee [injury] I had.”

The implications

The Redskins are still in the playoff hunt and the match next week matters to them most unlike the Giants. Also unsettled issues like Odell Beckham Jr. wanting to avenge, how Josh Norman toasts him in Week 3. Making the match in Week 17 too personal for both rosters and McAdoo may want to re-think his decision.

But the Giants should think beyond their match against the Redskins as the playoff gets them closer to their goal.

Maxwell Ogden of FanSided reminds McAdoo of implications should he decide to let them play. Ogden pointing of the Raiders missing Derek Carr and the Titans will miss Marcus Mariota both due to a fractured fibula.

“Those injuries are a harsh reminder of how quickly a season could be lost. As a result of an injury, especially in Week 17,” Ogden stated.

Why do the Giants need to play through against the Redskins?

Another scenario would be for McAdoo using their match against the Redskins as a jump off point for a postseason run. He let some of his starters play early in the game, then alternates them with his regulars and rookie players. But the important thing is to protect Eli Manning and Beckham at all costs.

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The Giants offense is not running well and needs adjustments if they truly want a shot at the Super Bowl. McAdoo might as well use backup quarterback Josh Johnson to ready himself also for the playoffs.

After the Redskins, the Giants will play in the wildcard series against the unknown team until the last week. McAdoo has to make the right decision whether to prepare his players for uphill battle or do otherwise.

What do you do if you were in McAdoo’s position? Share your thoughts below.

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