Cam Newton runs beyond the field, launches new production company

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NFL MVP Cam Newton has ran fourteen touchdowns, more in a single season than any quarterback in NFL history.

Tackling the Carolina Panther’s quarterback only bolsters his competitive nature and doubles his intensity that ends with the celebratory dance his teammates enjoy, and his defenders annoyed.

Cam Newton’s athleticism is something else, so that not only is he a great passer, but can be so effective in transforming an attack with a multidimensional run game.

Different players may have various opinions of him, but they all respect his talent.

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Newton has the ability to take over games and it seems nothing in the NFL MVP can’t do.

On Wednesday, the only player in the modern era to be awarded the Heisman Trophy looks to bring his winning brand by teaming up with Magical Elves. The latter is the company that produces shows such as Top Chef and Project Runway, and they are in a partnership to launch Newton’s new production company called the Iconic Saga Productions.

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Both Cam Newton and Magical Elves are working hand in hand on Newton’s Nickelodeon show “All In With Cam Newton.” The Panther’s quarterback said this project gave him the idea of a new partnership.

“As soon as we started working on ‘All In’, I knew that Dan and Jane would be the perfect partners. I’m excited to continue building on what we’ve already started, creating new, fun, authentic content for the world to see.” Newton said.

With his new venture into the television business, the Iconic Saga Productions will soon produce all of Newton’s projects. It will be a platform to launch his talents blazing across the football field and into the entertainment world.

“It became obvious very quickly while shooting ‘All In’ that Cam is a superstar both in front of and behind the camera, and we look forward to showcasing that talent across all platforms,” Jane Lipsitz of Magical Elves said.

Lipsitz’ partner Dan Cutforth also added, “Cam has a very unique and fresh voice which lends itself to the new and expanding world of content creation, and we hope that with our experience and execution style, this partnership has great potential for success.”

All In With Cam Newton premiered last June 3 and is composed of 20 episodes. It portrays the quarterback pairing kids with unique mentors to help them attain their dreams.

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