Seahawks vs. Jets Preview, Live Streaming: Seahawks could sit out Russell Wilson

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Should Seahawks sit out Russell Wilson?
A look of concern is growing that suggests the Seattle Seahawks to sit out quarterback Russell Wilson going into Week 4 of play.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was banged and bruised all his days playing football and he never stops. A look of concern is growing that suggests the Seahawks to sit out Wilson going into Week 4 of play.

During their season opener against the Miami Dolphins, Wilson suffered an ankle injury but managed to walk it through. Wilson then suffered a sprained knee after their recent match against the San Francisco 49ers.

Yet still, Wilson refuses to back down. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll stated to ESPN that Wilson is doing fine and will likely start against the Jets on Sunday.

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Carroll explained that he and the team’s medical team are closely monitoring Wilson’s reaction during Wednesday’s team practice. He added that he just gave Wilson a couple of plays to see how he would respond to it but will not pressure his prized quarterback. Carroll even noted that he would be surprised if Wilson does not suit up against the Jets on Sunday.

“Not particularly, no. He kind of just ran out the field, and so we let him have a couple plays there. We were careful with the plays. But I had no intention of leaving him in. Really, regardless of what the doctor said after that, he wouldn’t have gone back in,” Carroll said.

There was a look of concern when Wilson took some snaps without a protective knee brace. But at the end of the practice, he gave them something to cheer about. Wilson strongly stated that he is all “good to go” against the Jets on Sunday.

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Carroll and the rest of the Seahawks are just amazed at how Wilson plays through with the pain. He explained that they will have to protect Wilson against the Jets pesky defense if they were to halt another possible injury.

Carroll said that they will have to communicate well with their safeties to protect Wilson at all time on the field. The Seahawks could let Wilson sit down on Sunday’s game to heal up before they go on to play a grueling last 12 matches. But knowing both Carroll and Wilson as long as there is no risk in further damaging Wilson, play will go on.

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