49ers make quarterback shopping list in wake of Kaepernick transition

San Francisco 49ers are making their shopping list of quarterbacks as they are set to move on from the Colin Kaepernick saga.

The San Francisco 49ers are ready to move on once they get into a trade for quarterback Colin Kaepernick and as for a start head coach Chip Kelly and general manager Trent Baalke are making the necessary shopping list that will guide them towards the 2016 NFL Draft that will take place in Chicago.

The 49ers are still locked with Denver Broncos in working on a “compromise” deal that will eventually ship Kaepernick; However, it will still remain to be seen if the 28-year old quarterback takes the pay cut. Kaepernick was guaranteed a salary cap of $11.9 million since he was not immediately signed in by the Broncos onThursday’s deadline. The Broncos want Kaepernick to take the $7 million contract to join their Super Bowl ready roster and from there, they could make up added compensation that will satisfy him.

The other solution seen is for Kaepernick to take the cut and let the 49ers pay him the remaining balance, an option that is also being look at by both managements. According to the Washington Post both teams are in a “considerable” situation since deliberating on the Kaepernick salary issue that is preventing the trade deal.

It was also stated that if Kaepernick would make that leap over to the Broncos, he will have to contend with Mark Sanchez to get that starting position. According to Bronco’s Coach Gary Kubiak the job for quarterback position will not be just handed over to anybody, rather it should be hard-earned for.

“Whoever we bring in, it’s about competition. We’re not gonna give anybody a job. … We’ve got a good football team. So whoever comes in and plays that position for us is gonna have to earn it. And we feel like that’s across the board for our team. Obviously it’s gonna be a new face for us. I think our players will be excited, whoever we’ve got in there. If they’re busting their tail and proving every day they can be the guy for our football team, I think our players will rally around him just like they did around Brock last year when Brock played the seven games he played in. Like I said, [it’s] another challenge to work through,” Kubiak said.

Since that is in place, the 49ers are now looking at the future as they take a look at the pool of potential quarterbacks that could fit in their system and would become a future franchise. USA Today listed possible quarterbacks that are in the 49ers radar and they include Blaine Gabbert, whom the 49ers want to develop as potential starting quarterback; then are draftees Carson Wentz (North Dakota State); Jared Goff (California); Paxton Lynch (Memphis); and Vernon Adams (Oregon).

The 49ers are armed with 12 picks going into the draft and if they play their chips’ right, they may be able to land quality players that could provide the needed to push for the team.

Photo Courtesy: John Martinez Pavliga/Flickr

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