49ers vs. Bills odds, preview, and live stream: 49ers to lose despite starting Colin Kaepernick on Sunday

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49ers seem to lose despite starting Colin Kaepernick on Sunday?
Rumors are swirling that despite the call, Kaepernick and the 49ers are still believed to lose against the Buffalo Bills.

The San Francisco 49ers has announced that disgruntled quarterback Colin Kaepernick will start for them on Sunday. Rumors are swirling that despite the call, Kaepernick and the 49ers are still believed to lose against the Buffalo Bills.

According to Odds Shark, the Bills (3-2) will take their fourth win and will be off to a good start since the 2008 season. The Bills are coming off two impressive wins namely against the Cardinals and Patriots despite being underdogs. Going to their match against the 49ers, the Bills gain the upper hand as they got a -7 opening while the 49ers are at +7.

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The 49ers’ odds further sank despite the contact reconstruction for Kaepernick to gain the starting gig over Blaine Gabbert. Many felt that Chip Kelly should have gambled on putting Kaepernick on the starting position than going with Gabber, who is obviously a bust.

Now, the 49ers have dug a hole wherein their season is at stake and will be a steep climb starting with their game this Sunday. Though the 49ers have won two of their previous meetings, they will be facing a different Bills team this Sunday. The Bills are taking a 5-1 record at home and wants to continue their winning run.

Offensively, the Bills will dominate against a sloppy 49ers defense. The 49ers are hoping that Kaepernick could turn things around on offense. They hope he would be able to play through his injuries and give them a boost to salvage their season.

If things do not go smoothly with Kaepernick, Kelly may give Christian Ponder a chance in taking the snaps. Kelly placed his faith on Gabbert to lead the team and has so far given him disappointing results.

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Aside from the quarterback woes, the interesting matchup for this Sunday’s game will be 49ers’ wide receiver Jeremy Kerley against Bills’ running back LeSean McCoy. Kerley has improved his stats over the recent matches despite the struggle their team is currently undergoing while McCoy showed dominance in his games with the Bills.

Despite the prediction that the Bills will win over the 49ers this Sunday, it remains to see if Kaepernick could be the difference. Watch the 49ers take on the Bills this Sunday at 1 p.m. EDT at NFL Game Pass for live streaming.

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