Josh Brown Case Update: Giants may cut ties with Brown after NFL reopens domestic violence case

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Giants may cut ties with Brown after NFL reopens domestic violence case?
Josh Brown of the Giants may face indefinite suspension after the NFL reopened an inquiry into a domestic violence dated back in 2015.

Following the new revelations to Josh Brown’s domestic violence case back in 2015, the NFL has decided to reopen an inquiry. The New York Giants’ placekicker might face an indefinite suspension that could cut ties with the team once proven guilty again.

This would not be the first time that Brown was slapped with a suspension stemming from the said case. On Aug. 17, Brown served a one-game suspension for violation of the NFL’s conduct policy. After exhausting all means to appeal the ruling and though he did not agree to it, he still accepted the decision.

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The inquiry will take back investigators to May 22, 2015, wherein Brown got arrested for a fourth-degree domestic violence. Brown’s wife, Molly, stated that her husband grabbed her by the wrist while she was answering a phone call. When the police arrived at the scene they saw “redness” and a small cut to her wrist that prompted them to arrest Brown.

However, five days after the incident, the state district attorney dropped all charges against Brown. According to the NY Times, Molly submitted journal entries made by Brown himself admitting to the abuses he made against his wife.

Molly has accused Brown of more than 20 instances of domestic violence. Some of the entries in the journal were quite disturbing as Brown saw himself as a god and Molly as his slave.

“I carried an overwhelming sense of entitlement because I put money higher than God and I used it as a power tool,” Brown wrote in one of his alleged journals.

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Aside from Brown, the NFL might find the Giants liable for concealing information that Brown admitted to the domestic violence case. However, the Giants co-owner John Mara stated that although Brown admitted the abuses, they did not know the extent of it.

In response to the domestic violence issue, the Giants did let Brown join the team, in London to face the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday.

Brown signed a $4million free agent contract with the Giants in March and with the new developments, it could complicate matters. However, the NFL has limited access to the domestic violence case as it is still an open investigation.

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