Aaron Hernandez hires a new team for his murder trial

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Ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez who was convicted of murder has hired a new team to represent him at his trial.

The Former New England Patriots tight back has been found guilty and has been sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering Odin Lloyd in Boston last 2013.

Hernandez is currently waiting for a separate double-murder trial for shooting Daniel Abreu and Safiro Furtado outside a club also in Boston, his hometown.

Hernandez has hired Florida attorney Jose Baez who is widely known as the attorney who helped Casey Anthony who was accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony last 2011.

He has also hired Ronald Sullivan Jr., a professor at Harvard Law School, Alex Spiro, a New York-based attorney and Linda Kenney Baden, who was also part of the team that defended Anthony and a lawyer that specializes in forensic sciences.

The legal team that represented Hernandez during his trial for murdering Odin Lloyd included Michael Fee, James L. Sultan, and Charles Rankin. Sultan confirmed in an e-mail to the Globe that he and his partner Rankin have been replaced in Hernandez’s double-murder trial.

“It is our understanding that Aaron Hernandez has retained new counsel to represent him in the pending Suffolk County murder case,’’ said Sultan.

On the other hand, Baez said that the new team will be striving to prove Hernandez’s innocence.

“We understand that numerous reports of our client’s alleged activity have been published, but we ask the public to afford Mr. Hernandez the presumption of innocence and let the facts unfold in a court of law.” said Baez.

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons/ Jeffrey Beall

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