NFL News: Keenan Allen stays with the Chargers despite missing out last season

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Keenan Allen
Keenan Allen (photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Jeffrey Beall)

With his final year on his rookie contract, wide receiver Keenan Allen has agreed to stay with the San Diego Chargers with a new 4-year, $45 million extension. Before the agreement there has been much speculation whether or not Allen would stay with the Chargers.

Friday night, the Chargers have announced that Allen would be staying with the Chargers, ESPN reports. Allen has a 4-year contract for $45 million, of which $24.156 million is already guaranteed. Although there is already an agreement, the deal has yet to be signed. It’s expected that the contract would be signed by next week.

Whether Allen deserves that much money, SB Nation says that he does. He has over 50% of his receptions converted into first downs. In a game where there is much emphasis in stopping the offense from reaching its goal, having much of his receptions be for first downs is already big in itself. For a rookie to do that makes it even more impressive.

Overall he has made 215 receptions for 2,554 yards. Out of that he has made 16 touchdowns. Just last season alone he made 67 catches for 725 yards. He has also made 4 touchdowns. And to highlight that he does deserve to have that much, his 67 catches is the third most in NFL history. It would probably had been more, but an injury in the eighth game has made him miss much of the season.

Despite being inactive for much of the year, the Chargers have been impressed enough to have him stay with them. Along with Allen quarterback Philip Rivers also stays with the team. Rivers will be with the Chargers until 2019 while Allen’s contract would mean he would be with them until 2020. If he can play as much for the coming season, Allen will likely prove that he deserves that much to be with the Chargers.

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons/Jeffrey Beall

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