Tom Brady’s team joins in asking for a rehear from the appeals court

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The Patriots are still continuing their pursuit to show the innocence of their quarterback Tom Brady as they help in asking the appeals court to rehear Brady’s “Deflategate” case.

The star quarterback was given a 4-game suspension by the NFL after being suspected as part of the AFC Championship Game 2015 football tampering scandal, where his team, the New England Patriots, were said to have tampered with the footballs that were used in their game against Indianapolis Colts last January 18, 2015.

Brady’s suspension was lifted when the lower court found that there are fundamental unfairness and a lack of notice in the side of Brady, and when U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman decided that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell went too far when he gave Tom Brady the punishment.

The NFL has, however, appealed  and has convinced the appeals court that Goodell’s ruling was properly grounded and that Brady was not deprived of fundamental fairness. Brady’s four-game suspension was reinstated.

The fight is not over for the side of Brady, as the quarterback has filed for a rehearing regarding his case called an “en banc” hearing to the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, with an amicus brief the New Patriots filed as a support.

In the brief filed, it is repeated that the Patriots strongly believe that no one has tampered with the footballs and that the 2nd Circuit panel “endorsed the outcome of a highly manipulated and fundamentally unfair process designed and used by the Commissioner to reach and justify a predetermined outcome.”

A group of professors who believe that the deflation of the footballs has something to do with the science of natural deflation in cold weather has also filed an amicus brief to support Brady.

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