Denver Broncos news: Von Miller says he will not play under franchise tag

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Von Miller
Von Miller (photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Jeffrey Beall)

The saga between Von Miller and the Denver Broncos continues. After saying he would rather be a Bronco for life, the linebacker posted on his Instagram account that he will not play next season under the franchise tag.

The contract issue between Von Miller and the Denver Broncos continue to be speculated on by fans. On Instagram, he has just posted that he will not be playing under the franchise tag despite affirming that he loves being a Bronco as well as his teammates and the fans.

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“There is no chance I will play the 2016 season under the franchise tag,” Miller has posted on his Instagram account. The tone of his post shows that he seems to be more serious now with regard to the negotiations, as the Denver Post notes. Under the franchise tag, Miller’s leverage would be minimal. Hence, he seeks to find ways to not be at a disadvantage in the ongoing negotiations.

Negotiations have been stalled after Miller has turned down a six-year $114.5 million offer from the Broncos. The issue has much to do with the amount of guaranteed money he would be getting. With the $63 million in guaranteed money that Fletcher Cox recently received from the Philadelphia Eagles, there is much leverage Miller could put forward to the Broncos. According to ESPN, the guaranteed money being offered to him is less than what Cox got.

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Whether both sides would budge remains to be seen. The deadline would be on July 15 for players to make long-term deals. If no deal has been made, then Miller will have to play for $14 million for one year under the franchise tag. Some observers say though that this is simply the usual bargaining procedure done in June. Eventually, they believe an agreement would be reached before the deadline. The Broncos as well hope that a contract would be finalized before then.

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons/Jeffrey Beall

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