Broncos to let Brock Osweiler be a free agent

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Denver Broncos are willing to let Brock Osweiler go into free agency, reports Larry Brown Sports. According to the report, Broncos are not willing to pay him the going rate of $16 million per year.

The baseline for an NFL starting quarterback is $16 million and according to Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole the team is not willing to offer Osweiler that amount of salary.

“The Broncos are willing to let Osweiler hit the free agent market at this point in time and check out what is also available, believing that he is not going to get the monster offer that’s going to drag him away from the Broncos,” Cole said.

Cole also hints that the organization thinks highly of first year quarterback Trevor Siemian. Siemian could eventually be an NFL caliber starter.

According to the report, Broncos are hoping that Brock won’t get the desired amount of salary if he hits free agency. He will then have to return to Denver where he will not only have a championship roster but also a familiar staff.

It was reported earlier that Broncos are holding off talks with Osweiler out of respect for Peyton Manning. Manning has yet to make an announcement whether he will continue playing or retire.

Broncos in most likelihood don’t want to embarrass Manning by cutting him but in all probability they don’t want him at the team at any price. However, a few weeks back the team’s general manager said the team will give Manning more time to make decision.

“I met with Peyton a couple nights ago and we had a good talk, and as I said after the game [Denver’s Super Bowl 50 victory], we’re going to give him as much time as he needs, and he still needs some more time,” Elway said.

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“We’re going to afford him that time. He deserves that after 18 years in this league, but we’re going to afford him that time to figure out what he wants to do.”

Elway then said that the team has a lot of interest in Osweiler. “We have a lot of interest in Brock. We’d like to do something with Brock,” he said.


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