Chiefs vs. Panthers promises to be a riveting game

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chiefs versus panthers
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The Chiefs vs. Panthers encounter amid the backdrop of 6-2 and 3-5 records respectively, is a must watch one. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith is back after a week. Travis Kelce too proved his mettle as tight end.

Over the course of the season, the Chiefs have sort of made a name for themselves without bragging about it too much. In the AFC West which is filled with heavyweights, with the Denver Broncos (6-3) and the Oakland Raiders (7-2).

To give an example of the form the Chiefs are currently in, consider this– they have secured victories in 16 of their last 18 matches in the regular season.

What makes the Chiefs versus Panthers game a riveting must watch experience is that the Carolina Panthers has a record of 15 victories as against 2 losses in their home ground. Panthers would want to go through the NFC South basement door and have a chance at making it to the playoffs by registering a third straight win.

Previously, the Chiefs have set similar precedent, in the 2015 season, starting at 1-5 then going on to play the postseason, in what could be considered as a sort of irony that would motivate the panthers to put on their best show reports

With the Chiefs having the services of both Smith and Spencer Ware they are undoubtedly the favorites. They, to their credit defeated the Jaguars with a team that included no members of their fantasy team.

Hurries will play a crucial part in this Chiefs versus Panthers game and NFL sources feel that this game belongs to Jonathan Stewart. If Stewart is in his elements the Panthers just might pull it off.

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