Colin Kaepernick boycott continues, Charlie Sheen says ‘F_ck yeah!’ in support

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Colin Kaepernick earns ire of SFPOA, Donald Trump for his actions
The actions and statements of Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers have drawn mix emotions from noted personalities. Among them are the San Francisco Police Officers Association (SFPOA) and US presidential candidate Donald Trump.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick drew sharp criticisms and controversy after he refused to stand during the playing of the National Anthem before a pre-season game against the Green Bay Packers on Aug.26th. It seems we will be witnessing more of that.

Colin Kaepernick defended his actions, as his way of standing up against police brutality, which he describes as an issue bigger than the sport of football. According to a report by Sports Illustrated Kaepernick said:

“There are a lot of things that need to change. One specifically? Police brutality. There are people being murdered unjustly and not being held accountable. People are being given paid leave for killing people. That’s not right. That’s not right by anyone’s standards.”

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Colin Kaepernick made it clear that he’s making a stand, even putting his career on the line, and will continue to do so for as long as there isn’t significant change coming.

He isn’t doing this to convince people to follow his lead, or recruit other athletes to do the same, but the Philadelphia Eagles rookie Myke Tavarres has thought of following him and sitting in the fourth game but has apparently changed his mind.

Nobody else in the NFL has even considered the idea of supporting Kaepernick boycott either.

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For the Minnesota Vikings’ lineman Alex Boone’s part, he believes the act to be shameful, even embarrassing for his former teammate, while other consider it embarrassing to the team as a whole.

According to a report by USA Today, Alex Boone said, “You see all these pictures of these veterans that have no legs, and they’re standing up in a wheelchair. I had a brother that served, and he lost friends, and I know how much it means to him. It’s shameful.”

Jarrod Saltalamacchia chimed in against Kaepernick’s actions, calling it disgusting.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia pointed out the fact the flag represents a lot of things, the values reflected throughout history, and that Kaepernick needs to go back and understand what it means for the people, especially those who’ve sacrificed for it.

The San Francisco police dept. has requested for an apology, but it seems one isn’t forthcoming. They even sent the quarterback a training simulation invitation for him to gain more knowledge about their profession, hoping he’d learn to respect the sacrifices they go through to protect people like him.

Meanwhile, on a less serious note, one guy who’s approved of Colin Kaepernick’s actions is actor Charlie Sheen.

When asked if he indeed supports the NFL quarterback’s behavior Charlie Sheen said “F_ck yeah!” in an interview with TMZ.

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