Cowboys beat Buccaneers in preparation against the Lions in Week 16

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Cowboys beat Buccaneers in preparation against the Lions in Week 16
The recent win over Tampa Bay Buccaneers perhaps prepares the Dallas Cowboys to take on a determined Detroit Lions next week.

The Dallas Cowboys showed they know how to bounce back from a sorry loss after beating the Tampa Buccaneers. The win perhaps prepares the Cowboys to take on a determined Detroit Lions next week.

Despite clinching a playoff spot, the Cowboys must never underestimate the Lions determined to widen a gap against strong competitors. Like the Lions, the Cowboys themselves also look to put distance between them and the surging New York Giants.

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The Cowboys showed dominance after taking a 17-6 lead at the end of the first half of play. The Buccaneers staged a comeback in the third scoring 14 but the Cowboys managed to stand their ground. In the final quarter, the Cowboys’ defense held the Buccaneers scoreless paving way for Dak Prescott to work his wonders.

A more relax Prescott for the Cowboys

Unlike the week they played the Giants, Prescott was sharp, composed, and relax facing the Buccaneers. According to USA Today, Prescott managed to shake off the pressure from their last match and pour it on the Buccaneers. Fans hope that Prescott will remain sharp heading into the playoffs.

However, Prescott and the Cowboys need to win their remaining games which include hosting the Lions next week. Both teams look to release some pressure for pursuing teams in their respective divisions. Already assured of a playoff berth, the Cowboys aims as the second team to win a division title.

Taking the Lions, it will test if Prescott has it to get past the visitor’s unforgiving defense. Against the Buccaneers, Prescott was precise completing 32 of 36 passes for 280 yards with no interceptions. Prescott needs a similar or better yet surpass his performance he did that off against the Buccaneers. In that way, Prescott could deliver the needed victory and the elusive division title as well.

Odds against the Lions

The Cowboys got picked heavily against the Lions even predicted to win by as much as six points. But they must not let overconfidence in both betting lines and odds fool them. The Cowboys must remember that the Lions are lording over the North and will stop at nothing to win.

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Taking on the Lions, the Cowboys’ defense must play at their best as they need to contain Matthew Stafford. The Cowboys have shown they can pressure the opponent’s offense in forcing a fumble. Aside from that, their defense must work double time in terms of interception and be forcing Stafford to turnovers. But what worried the Lions is the Cowboys ability to sack the opponent’s quarterbacks, thus requiring more safety for Stafford.

The Lions must work improving their defense as Cowboys’ rookie combination of Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott may offer certain damage. With their loss to the Giants, the Lions aim to bounce back. Meanwhile, the Cowboys want to widen the gap against the Giants to secure a first round bye.

Hitting the end of the regular season games in the NFL gets exciting. Who do you think will win between the Cowboys vs. the Lions? Share your thoughts below.

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