Cowboys rookie defensive tackle Collins has injury

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Maliek Collins (photo courtesy of Facebook/Maliek Collins)

The Dallas Cowboys would be a little short as the offseason progresses. Rookie defensive tackle Maliek Collins has been sidelined following a broken right foot, ESPN reports. The injury occurred during organized team activities. The injury will likely sideline him for weeks.

According to reports, Collins might be out for as long as 10 to12 weeks. He will not be able to attend any of the remaining practices this offseason, and will likely miss the minicamp happening in June, the official Dallas Cowboys site states.

Collins has already undergone surgery to his right foot at this time. The surgery required placing a screw to the foot to stabilize it. With him injured, the Cowboys’ defense would be lacking especially when it comes to its pass rushing.

As the Cowboys’ site notes, Collins might take time to learn how Dallas plays its game. This is especially crucial for a rookie and with him unable to join team practices, he will need to get the team’s game quickly as the NFL season approaches.

The Cowboys still have much of their interior defensive line though. The team is relying on Tryone Crawford and others on the interior to maintain it. Still, Collins’ absence is regarded as a setback as the team hopes he can help in the interior defense. The Cowboys has expressed interest with free agent Rodney Coe to add to its defense.

It remains to be seen though how quickly can Collins get back to active duty. It will largely depend on how fast will his foot heal. Collins is said to be still an unsigned draft pick though even with his injury negotiations will still proceed.

The Cowboys has some experience though with such an incident. In 2014 DeMarcus Lawrence also suffered a foot injury. Like Collins, Lawrence then was also a rookie pass rusher. After his recovery he took some time to get into the team’s game in the regular season. Dallas hopes that Collins would be able to adjust more quickly once he becomes active again.

Photo courtesy: Facebook/Maliek Collins

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