Denver Broncos eyeing on a trade with Dallas Cowboys for Tony Romo

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Denver Broncos eyeing on a trade with Dallas Cowboys for Tony Romo
After naming a new coach, the Denver Broncos zero in on a top quarterback to lead them next season and are reportedly eyeing Cowboys Tony Romo on a trade.

After naming a new coach, the Denver Broncos will zero in on a top class quarterback to lead them next season. Rumors are swirling of the Broncos eyeing a trade for Tony Romo ever since coming out of injury this season.

According to Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post, Romo is the best answer to their offense that terribly needs much attention. Their defense has proven its worth and they cannot afford to waste for another season. Thus, the Broncos see Romo as the missing link to their chances of getting back into Super Bowl contention. But Jerry Jones will have the last say in all things on the Cowboys’ assets.

Romo signed a six-year contract with the Cowboys worth $108 million. It also includes $25 million signing bonus, $55million guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $18 million. He does not become a free agent until 2020 and by that time Romo has been already 39.

Why trade Romo?

Jones plays tricks on these kinds of deals after pushing Romo to play the backup role behind rookie Dak Prescott. Coming back healthy after suffering a severe back injury during the preseason, Jones named Romo as Prescott’s backup. He never got to call the snaps that got Prescott the starting job and led the Cowboys to a stunning run this season.

Jones has stressed that Prescott will lead the Cowboys in their playoff match against the Packers and Romo behind him. He even went on to say that Romo will only get the chance to play if Prescott gets hurt. Thus, experts believe that Jones might be planning to put Romo on the trading block after the season.

As Romo recovered from his injury, the Cowboys never let him call the snaps, until New Year’s Day. Romo threw a touchdown pass to Terrance Williams in his season debut despite losing the match 27-13. People did not mind the loss knowing that Romo is back again calling the snaps. Jones may not say it at this time, but trading Romo could be an option for them during the offseason.

What should the Broncos do?

John Elway should go all-out and have Romo wear a Broncos’ uniform as they clearly need a veteran-quality quarterback. Romo’s injury history will be a risk for them, but at least he is worthy of the gamble. The Broncos cannot leave their fate again in the hands of Trevor Siemian and rookie Paxton Lynch next season.

Siemian will forever be a good backup while Lynch still needs the experience to mold him into a potential starting quarterback. These are the factors that Elway and the Broncos organization should take a closer look. Factors that will greatly affect if they want another Super Bowl run in the next couple of seasons.

The Cowboys clearly will not release Romo thus getting into a trade will prove hefty for the Broncos. But if Elway gives the Cowboys an offer they could not resist then it answers their quarterback woes early. Romo is not the exact solution the Broncos are looking for but at least they have a fighting chance going into next season.

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