Denver Broncos still on the run to sign Colin Kaepernick?

Colin Kapernick is still undecided if he would take the pay cut with the Broncos or stick it our with the 49ers.

The Denver Broncos are not giving up on the possibility of signing San Francisco 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick. The Broncos have been reported to have adjusted their salary cap to make another offer.

It would be remembered that the supposed trade hit a huge wall when Kaepernick was assured of an $11.9 million base salary to which the Broncos refused to pay and negotiated if the 28-year old quarterback could take a $7 million pay cut to make the trade possible. But Kaepernick rejected the idea and so the Broncos re-negotiated with the 49ers if they could bridge the gap by paying the $4.9 million deficit, which the 49ers disagreed.

Oregon Live reported that the Broncos traded Ryan Clady to the New York Jets in an aim to give them an additional $10 million cap space and increase their cash offer for Kaepernick, since both  head coach Gary Kubiak and general manager John Elway want him for the team. But Mike Klis reports that the Clady trade has no impact on the Broncos’ approach in their negotiations with Kaepernick, thus creating another stalemate for everyone.

If negotiations would not prosper the unlikely scenario will be that Kaepernick will stick it out with the 49ers because of his salary despite both of them does not want to be in the same field while the Broncos will try to explore such as strengthening their in house roster with Mark Sanchez and Trevor Siemian.

There is also the possibility of exploring other free agents and the upcoming NFL Draft that could be useful in the Broncos priority of going for another Super Bowl run this season.

Thus at the end of the day, the Broncos will make a move and if their bait is not taken they will explore other options to which they are not on the losing end while Kaepernick’s future remains uncertain of whether he will take the Broncos’ offer or stick it with the 49ers just for the cash.

Photo Courtesy: Daniel Hartwig/Flickr

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